JetX – Jetix Bet 2022 slot machine overview

JetX is a crashing game from provider SmartSoft Gaming. Some people call it JetiX. The app has no reels, and it’s up to the individual to determine the potential winnings in a round. The new generation of aviation-themed simulation attracts players with a variety of strategies, stable payouts and the possibility of a jackpot. The demo version will allow players to quickly learn the rules of the app.

How the game works

The JetX game operates with a fixed RTP using a random number algorithm. Round stopping is possible at any time, there is no way to predict when the board will explode. Therefore, players need to choose a game strategy based on the balance of potential profit and risk.

The developers additionally pay out the Galaxy Jackpot to players. The super-prize is progressive, with a percentage of each customer’s transaction going towards the prize fund. The chance of a payout is given if 2 conditions are met:

  • a wager of at least $10 (equivalent in casino currency);
  • cashing out occurred after a multiplier of 1.5 was reached.

The algorithm determines the winners at random. Payouts are made at random intervals.

As the board takes off, the multiplier report begins. It lasts until the jets explode. After the crash, a new round starts. Users who do not have time to withdraw their JetX bets record defeat. The 2019 development requires no special skills from the player. There is no need to memorise the symbols either.

Таблица игроков JetX

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How to play JetX

It is possible to play JetX for free and for money. In the first case, the player has to go to the casino’s website, where the simulation is presented, to find the slot. The search can be done by the provider or the name of the simulation. After that, the player has to hover his cursor over the preview of the picture and select the Demo button.

Customers wishing to test their luck with real bets must first register at the casino and top up their personal account balance. Afterwards, they have to choose a game and click on the start button.

SmartSoft Gaming have optimised JetX for mobile devices. Playing can be done from smartphones and tablets. Betting can be done in casino apps, adaptive versions of websites.

The game mechanics are simple to understand. The player needs to:

  • Place a bet via the bar at the bottom. The desired amount can be entered via the keypad or set using the Plus and Minus buttons.
  • Wait for the round to start.
  • Press the green button to lock your winnings.

Press when the multiplier reaches the required value.

A person can cancel a JetX bet before the start of a round. There are no penalties for cancelling a game.

The developers offer 2 betting fields. They are suitable for use in tactics with insurance. You can set the auto-betting to the desired amount and the auto-multiplier. In the latter case, the software itself will fix the prize when the jet reaches the desired height.

Detailed game description

The crash app is designed in the style of popular retro-themed computer games. Loading each round is accompanied by people boarding. With the start, the climbing starts and the multiplier increases. The player can lock in his winnings at any time. Visually, this is accompanied by a person jumping out with a parachute. The round ends when the board explodes. Customers who do not manage to collect their prizes lose the investment they have made.

The game is a unique variant of video slots. The app gives users complete freedom of choice, but has a built-in RTP and return rate. The application’s RTP is at 97%. The figure can vary up or down, but in an infinite number of bets in every 100 games the board explodes at multipliers of 1.00. The maximum final multiplier reaches the x100 mark.

Game Features

Game name JetX
Provider SmartSoft Gaming
RTP 97%
Betting range 0.1-100 credits
Maximum multiplier Х100
Minimum multiplier Х1.00
Mobile adaptation Yes
Progressive Jackpot Yes, awarded randomly but subject to certain conditions
Table of slot machine features

Game strategies

The JetX game was created to appeal because of its ability to achieve maximum control over the process. Casino customers no longer rely on pure luck. In order to get to a steady advantage, a person needs to form a certain strategy and stick to the established rules.

The number of tactics is enormous. In theory, anyone can make a successful model. However, the pros are more likely to focus on 3 tactics. They are determined by the bank allocation scheme and the choice of odds:

  1. Beginners prefer to play JetX using small odds tactics. Flats are used as a money management model.
  2. Some players prefer to use average returns. A flat is also used.
  3. The lion’s share of users choose the Martingale technique. To minimize errors, auto withdraw at odds of 2.00.

The visual component of the game

The visuals are worth mentioning in the JetX review. The slot has the classic design of the old video games. The developers have made it as simple as possible.

On the top panel are sections with the player’s balance, a button to activate/deactivate the sound and a switch to the rules. On the left is a small table with the odds of the last rounds. Returns below 1.50 are highlighted in red, higher numbers in green. The player can do the calculations and determine with what frequency certain multipliers have been falling out recently.

At the bottom of the screen, SmartSoft Gaming has installed the JetX bet lock buttons. If you wish, you can automate the betting and withdrawal process. On the right is a table with the players’ names and the payouts received for the round. The developers additionally allow the possibility of communication via chat.

Betting on the Jets

In the centre is the main field. The start of each session is followed by the boarding of passengers. Six seconds are allotted for this.

JetX accepts bets while people are boarding. It is also possible to bet immediately after a board has taken off for the next iteration.

JetX playing field

Starting betting at JetX

In the JetX slot, the round starts with a multiplier of 1.00 at the airfield. The plane gradually gains altitude and the background changes. The plane flies through clouds, enters the stratosphere, and traverses planets in the solar system. The end of each round is accompanied by a jet explosion and the inscription ‘Boom’. The slot records the final multiplier. It is immediately displayed on the scale to the left.

Starting the flight with a bet

JetX flight start

Bonuses for playing

JetX Casino does not offer special bonuses for the said simulation. Customers can get current welcome promotions from companies. Operators give players money for an additional balance, sometimes allocating a certain amount of freespins for other simulations.

The amount of bonuses at official JetX websites is differentiated. The money is blocked in an additional account after it has been credited. To transfer the funds to the main balance, certain wagering conditions must be fixed. Operators report the wager, the time limit for the required turnover, and a list of allowed games.

Pros and cons of the game

The JetX slot has a number of distinctive advantages and some disadvantages.

The pluses of simulation include:

  1. The ability to control the gameplay.
  2. Variability in betting (allows the use of different money management models).
  3. Simplicity of the rules.
  4. High-quality drawings.
  5. Possibility to automate the game (bets, withdrawal of prizes).
  6. Availability of additional bet for safety net.
  7. Optimization for mobile devices.
  8. Demo version.

The downside:

It is not without its disadvantages. The machine has a fixed RTP. This means that some games will end up at a multiplier of x1.00. Autopicker prizes can only be set at a multiplier of x1.35 or higher.

Conclusion about the game

The unusual gameplay makes the game radically different from the usual slots. The developers allow customers to determine their own potential winnings. This increases control over the situation.

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (based on 6 ratings)

JetX game reviews

Strategies in Jetix do not always work

Strategies in Jetix do not always work
Jetix may seem like a boring game at first glance, but interest awakens after a few flights. But particularly emotional people should be cautious. The game’s strategies may not always work, and the plane will explode almost immediately after take-off. Be prepared, it’s very annoying.
October, 9, 2022

JetX – an example of successful crash simulation

JetX – an example of successful crash simulation
A great slot for beginners and pros alike. JetiX game is reliable, checked with special software, all action on developer’s server. No scripted variants found in any of the casinos. I have a good chance to get x20-x30 once a week. In general happy, I play almost every day. Of the minuses I can only name the lack of bonuses. It would be nice if the casino has developed a program specifically for this slot. While on this do not have to count.
September, 20, 2022

I have over 3 years’ experience in slots and crashes

I have over 3 years’ experience in slots and crashes
I’ve read a lot of reviews about JetX and decided to leave my own in the background. I have more than 3 years of experience in slots and crashes, so I have a lot to compare it with. I’ll start by listing the pros:
  1. The slot gives you a raise. It may be subjective here, but high odds drop more often in JetX than in JetX.
  2. Can play from different devices. The program is available on smartphones. I myself have a mid-budget Xiaomi and play without lags. Never once anything hangs, no throwing out of the application.
  3. I can use different schemes. I usually use Martingale, but you have to be more careful with it. I should be more careful with Martingale. Especially for beginners. I don’t like this model either; you just sit there and place your bets on automatic. If I want to play for fun, I load a little and catch big odds.

In my review of JetX, I would like to give a small warning. Never use left signals. I don’t know how to use them, but they are too much. I also got burnt by them at first, I was young and green. So just experience – all these “sellers” down the drain. Better to play yourself.

September, 18, 2022

Popular questions

How do I play Jetx for free?
To play for free, go to the casino's website, find the app, hover over the preview and select the "Demo" button. The operator will load the software with the internal credits credited.

Can I play Jetx on mobile devices?
Yes, players can bet via mobile devices. The game is available for Android and iOS.

Do I have to follow the Jetx winning schemes?
Following winning patterns is a must. Chaotic, haphazard betting is a direct route to loss.

Should you trust the win predictors at Jetx?
No, the slot runs on certified equipment. Predicting the multiplier rollout is unrealistic.

Is the game reliable?
SmartSoft Gaming is a reliable and trusted operator. The company is considered one of the market leaders in gambling game development.

What is the best time to play Jetix?
JetX requires the player to concentrate as much as possible. It is therefore best to play the game when you are rested.

JetX game screenshots

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